Arrangement of zones for receiving MGN services

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In the area for receiving services by people with limited mobility, approaches to equipment and furniture must be at least 0.9 m wide, and if necessary, turn the wheelchair by 90 ° - at least 1.2 m. The diameter of the zone for self-rotation by 180 ° for a disabled person on a wheelchair should be taken at least 1.4 m.

The reception desk, adapted for people with disabilities, has a lowered part of the tabletop and free space under the tabletop for the convenience of visitors in wheelchairs; it can be equipped with an Information Induction System for the hearing impaired and equipment that provides visually impaired visitors with the ability to handle printed and handwritten documents. Under the surface of tables for individual use, cash registers, ATMs and other service places intended for visitors in wheelchairs, it is recommended to provide a free space with a height (from the floor to the bottom of the limiting surface) of at least 0.65 m and a depth of at least 0.5 m to accommodate the knees of a disabled person on a wheelchair or with a depth of at least 0.25 m at a height of up to 0.3 m from the floor to accommodate the footboard of a wheelchair. It is recommended to provide for the use of attached (folding, retractable) working surfaces to the staff's table at the service points for disabled people in wheelchairs with a working surface height from the floor of at least 0.7 m and not more than 0.9 m with the ability to drive part of the wheelchair under the surface ...


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