Тактильная выставка Белокаменная резьба в соборах древней Руси.jpg

Virtual Exhibition
"White Stone carving
in the cathedrals of Ancient Russia"

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    The tactile exhibition "White Stone carving in the cathedrals of Ancient Russia" is a project aimed at eliminating barriers to the perception of art by sight. White stone carving is a unique cultural heritage of Ancient Russia. St. George and Dmitrov Cathedrals are one of the most beautiful architectural monuments with white stone carvings. There are many interesting stories on the walls of cathedrals. The organizers of the exhibition performed 3D scanning, and later modeling and creating copies of bas-reliefs located on the walls of orthodox cathedrals of Ancient Russia. For this reason, anyone can touch the works of Ancient Russian architecture. In addition to its historical and cultural value, the exhibition reminds of the importance of providing accessible museum services for people with disabilities. Each exhibition stand is equipped with an information and tactile sign and a media player with audio commentary describing a specific exhibit. The organizer of the exhibition is the National Association of Participants in the Market of Assistive Technologies "AURA-Tech", the project is implemented using a grant provided by the Russian Foundation for Culture in the framework of the federal project "Creative People" of the national project "Culture".