Tactile guide pointer for straight one-way traffic

in accordance with
GOST R 52875-2018
pic A 6.jpg

Figure A.6

Rippling shape - straight parallel flat top reefs

(6 pcs.) Used to equip the directional sign for movement in one direction

The tactile floor guide sign for rectilinear one-way traffic is two groups of parallel longitudinal reefs. The effective pointer width is 600 mm. On the left and right, there are groups of three longitudinal reefs with an effective width of 130 to 150 mm, the distance between the groups is 300 mm. The movement is carried out inside the pointer in one direction.

Floor-standing TNUs are equipped on communication routes in residential buildings in which visually impaired people live, in industrial buildings of VOS enterprises and other enterprises where workplaces for visually impaired people are organized, in public buildings and structures of open access to the population, at transport infrastructure facilities ( at airports, bus stations and bus stations, railway stations, metro stations) to warn visually impaired people about possible dangers on their routes, as well as to tactilely indicate ways of safe movement to the place of receiving the service.

When arranging tactilely marked routes in buildings and structures, it is not allowed: to cross the directions (streams) of movement of people at the entrances to the building and exits from it; equip guiding floor signs in corridors less than 4 m wide; equip guides floor signs without a project.

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