Remote presence robot "Webot"

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A telepresence robot is a robot that you can connect to via the Internet, move around the room with it, see and hear everything around. The main difference between the "Webot" robot and a conventional video camera is the ability to look around and move around in the surrounding space. The webbot automatically adjusts to the speed of the Internet. If the speed is high, the video is transmitted in high quality, if it is low, the picture resolution is automatically reduced. The robot can work over Wi-Fi or LTE networks. The webot is very easy to operate, no special employee is required to maintain and operate the robot. It is controlled from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browsers. The webbot moves at a low speed so as not to pose a danger to others. If the robot collides with a person or other obstacle, then it will determine this and remove the force from the wheels so as not to cause harm. The robot's scheme is similar to a human: it has a head that rotates in two perpendicular planes, and a mobile platform that allows it to move in space. This design makes it extremely easy for the operator to control the robot. The robot's vision is two video cameras. One is mounted on the head and is used to communicate with the people around the robot. The second looks under the wheels of the robot. The robot is equipped with a parktronic system, which makes it easier to control the robot in tight spaces. The height of the robot is 1.5 meters. Weight 16 kg. A desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X is available to control the robot.


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