Local warning sign "Attention, straight ahead - stairs"

in accordance with
GOST R 52875-2018

A pointer with a depth of 500 to 600 mm and a width equal to the width of the section of the stairs, permitted for the movement of visually impaired people. The type of corrugation is truncated cone type, truncated dome type, cylinders arranged in a linear order (see Figure A-3). The pointer is mounted at a distance of 300 mm from the edge of the tread of the first step of the staircase.

In the case of open multi-flight stairs that do not have exits from the landing, the warning sign is equipped only before the first step of the first march and the last step of the last march.

On intermediate staircases with one or more exits, tactile signs are installed in front of all exits.

pic A 3.jpg

Figure A-3

Corrugation shape - truncated cones or truncated domes, arranged in a linear order, used to equip warning HPUs that allow movement with caution (option 1) and attention fields (option 2)

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